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2D and 3D Laser

2D and 3D Laser

The technology used by the new laser machines for the cutting of plates in any material, provides maximum precision together with a clean, slag-free cutting line, thus avoiding further machining, and saving production time and costs.

The two 2D laser machines have a working area of 4000 X 2000mm, and 6000×2000mm, and a laser source of 4000W; they allow us to cut plates up to 15mm thickness.

The 3D laser machine has a working area of 3000 X 1500mm (X -Y -Z), with a CO2 laser source of 4000W and a cutting capacity from 6 to 10mm.

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Laser cutting is neatly superior to traditional systems as regards speed, performance and productivity, making ready-to-use shaped and marked items available for production.

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