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Purification systems for marine sector

Nicro has entered the marine sector in recent years, creating innovative systems equipped with catalytic filters and sea water scrubbers designed and designed by an Italian company among the world leaders in the sector, as well as various types of pipelines and connections.

Following the increasingly restrictive regulations imposed on shipowners who use HFO (Heavy fuel oil) to limit polluting emissions in controlled-emission areas (ECA), we have been approaching this sector for several years.

In particular, we deal with the construction of components for purification systems of pollutants contained in the exhaust gases of marine diesel engines of large ships such as cruise ships, cargo ships and ferries.

These systems are specifically designed for the removal of SOx (sulfur oxides), to ensure control of the emission of various pollutants in the air and water, and to promote the abatement of sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, heavy metals , carbon monoxide, soot and ash.

A technology of great importance to limit the environmental repercussions of navigation and the impact in port and coastal areas.

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