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Muffles For Furnaces Nicro 1

NICRO confirms to be an excellent partner, due to its long standing experience in the production, and to the knowledge of the most suitable materials.

In case of lacking of constructive drawing, we can redo dimensions and all the necessary information, through reverse engineering, to make a new muffle.


Aisi 321 (Werkstoff 1.4541)
Aisi 309 (Werkstoff 1.4828)
Aisi 310 (Werkstoff 1.4845)
Avesta 253MA (Werkstoff 1.4835)
Nicrofer 6025HT (Werkstoff 2.4633)
Inconel 600 (Werkstoff 2.4816)
Inconel 601 (Werkstoff 2.4851)
Incoloy 800H

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