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Sectors of application for
nickel special alloys

Our company specializes in processing steel alloys with high nickel content. Products and materials processed have special features that make them suitable for different sectors of industrial application. Our customers are steel works, petrochemical, chemical-pharmaceutical, food and marine industries. We work as well for the heat treatment industry, for the energy-environment sector and engineering companies.

For each of these sectors we design and manufacture special products such as marine scrubbers; grids, baskets, reels and fixtures for static heat treatment furnaces, single-chamber, continuous furnaces and pit furnaces. Furthermore, we produce flares and accessories for offshore and onshore petrochemical plants.

We make available our experience in the fabrication of custom made components, even basing on reverse engineering. We take pride in our expertise, efficiency and respect for the environment, as well as on available vanguard facilities in addition to five automatic storage towers of different materials.

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Iron and steel

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Heat treatment

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Icona settore Engineering

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Oil & Gas

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Chemical – Pharmaceutical

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Power environment

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