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Technical dictionary of materials and services


Steel alloys with high nickel content: glossary of the most common nomenclature

The world of alloys makes use of technical nomenclature, particularly when referring to materials. Behind each word, however, there are important concepts that go beyond the simple descriptions of the material chemical composition. This is the reason, we want to give a better clarification on some of the words and concepts that are at the core of Nicro business. We are not only manufacturers of components but we have developed our own special processes which we want to share with you.

In addition to production, we provide repair and revamping of custom made products. In other case we supply components basing on reverse engineering.

We want you to know that we have a deep knowledge of the materials used in our processes and the reasons we select a special alloy with high nickel content for one sector of application instead of another is based on the performance we expect to obtain.

Hence the introduction of our technical dictionary about the processing of steel alloys with high nickel content.

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