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In a thermal furnace for industrial treatment, such as annealing, hardening, normalising, or case-hardening furnaces, the grid is one of the accessories that, together with the basket, is used to place and hold the materials or products to be treated inside the furnace chamber. It is usually composed, as the name suggests, of a series of metal bars, to create a non-slip supporting surface, and to ensure homogeneous baking of the product.

Precisely because of the very high temperatures to which it is subjected during processing, the grid must be designed considering the stress due to the temperature changes of the cooling and heating cycles, as well as the high temperatures, which undermine long term resistance. For this reason, with over 50 years’ experience in the steel and metallurgy sectors, Nicro recommends to use only Aisi 3xx, Avesta 253MA and Nicrofer 6025HT austenitic and super austenitic steels, which can guarantee superior performance and for longer periods of time. For all your steel and metallurgical projects, therefore, contact Nicro’s specialised technicians: we can realise complex and customised projects, for all industrial heat treatment requirements.

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