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Inner cover

The inner cover, also referred to as a “protection hood” in so-called bell furnaces precisely because of its characteristic shape, is precisely a cover, or protective jacket, that separates the inner space of the furnace from the outer space. Its function is to separate the furnace atmosphere in which the burners work (producing combustion residues) from the atmosphere at which to perform heat treatment. Heat treatments must be performed in protected and controlled atmospheres rich in nitrogen and/or hydrogen, to obtain satisfactory results.

For this reason, cover hoods must be carefully studied, both in the use of materials, which must guarantee resistance to high temperatures, and in the design, so that their dimensions are adequate to the company’s needs.Nicro, thanks to its experience in the metallurgy and steelmaking sectors, assures you of both. For almost fifty years, in fact, we have been experts in the selection of austenitic stainless steels, for the manufacture of all components of industrial heat treatment furnaces, from bases, to plenums, to loaders. In addition, our long experience enables us to guarantee you the realization of even large projects, with bells up to 12 meters in height by 4.5 meters in base. To shape your projects, therefore, turn to Nicro: our highly specialized technical staff will always be at your disposal for advice or a no-obligation quote.

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