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The plenum is an accessory used in industrial heat treatment of wire-coils: placed above the base it helps direct the flow of hot air and ensure homogeneous treatment of materials. It is used in conjunction with the spyders to thermally treat metal wire coils, so as to maintain constant airflows within the furnace, optimizing treatment. Precisely because of the functions that the plenum commonly performs, it must be able to withstand the thermal stresses that result from the very high temperatures reached during treatment.

For this reason, Nicro makes its knowledge of materials available to customers to produce ovens that are also customized in size and raw materials. Thanks to its experience in the metalurgical and iron and steel sectors, Nicro has been making plenums in heat resistant materials such as austenitic stianless steels like Aisi 3XX for almost fifty years, even for very large furnaces, with bells up to 12 m in height and 4.5 m in diameter. So for all your steel projects, contact Nicro: our technicians will always be available to share their knowledge with you, to shape your project, or for a no-obligation consultation.

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