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Inside of bell furnaces for industrial heat treatment, the reel or annealing spider, is a support on which steel wire coils are loaded for machining processes. This is a base with a cross, or shaft hub, often placed above the plenum, with a series of vertical tubes enclosed by a larger tube around the circumference, used to give strength and stability to the entire structure.

Reels must be carefully designed to withstand the wear and tear of continuous mechanical movement from the inside to the outside of the furnace, and temperature changes, as they are subjected to cooling and heating cycles, which put their strength to the test. For fifty years, Nicro has accompanied its customers in the realisation of even complex steel projects thanks to its in-depth knowledge of raw materials and processes: for the realisation of reels, Nicro recommends only Aisi 3xx austenitic and super austenitic steels, Avesta 253MA and Nicrofer 6025HT. So contact us to realise all your steel projects: our highly qualified technical staff will always be at your disposal, regardless of complexity or size.

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