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In an industrial heat treatment furnace, for example for hardening, normalizing, or carburizing, the basket is an accessory, such as the reel, the magazine or the grid, used to contain and move inside the furnace the objects to be treated. Its function is to prevent the movements of the materials during the process, and avoid the risk to not being treated homogeneously, compromising their quality and characteristics.

For this reason, the basket materials must be designed to resist the thermal modifications of the high temperatures to which they are subjected during these processes. For this reason, Nicro uses only the best austenitic and super-austenitic steels Aisi 3xx, Avesta and Nicrofer. Thanks to its fifty years of experience, Nicro makes, this and other knowledge of raw materials in the steel industry, available to companies and industries, to develop projects, even ambitious ones, able to meet all requirements of its customers. For all your projects, therefore, contact Nicro: our highly specialized technical staff is always at your disposal for a free consultation to help you design your industrial heat treatment furnace, or your customized components, regardless of the complexity and by the dimensions.

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