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A winning collaboration: Nicro-Ferroman success

In the world of high-strength, high-nickel metal alloys, few partnerships can boast a long history of success such as that between Nicro and Ferroman. Since the early 1990s, this collaboration has thrived through many challenges, shaping innovative solutions for the heat treatment industry and metal processing. And the premises are optimal for a long-lasting collaboration, and that so far has been able to resist the pandemic, the war, and the remarkable changes in the current economic and social context.

“We have plenty of suppliers, but when it comes to high temperatures, we work a lot with Nicro.”

The supply of high-quality products, the advanced knowledge of high nickel content metal materials, and the experience in the sector are the pillars on which in the past the partnership between Nicro and Ferroman has always been based. The attention to customer satisfaction, the timeliness of the solutions and the strong professional ethics oriented to the results are instead the present, what distinguishes Nicro from all the other suppliers. A multi-level partnership, able to involve all business departments, to closely follow the needs not only of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), but also to lead companies towards the future of their evolution, as they become larger and more structured.

“There is a great sense of collaboration: if we have a problem with a customer, someone from Nicro comes to meet him with us on site. Nicro always finds a way to solve problems together and gives us all the support we need.”

Innovative solutions with high specialization for the development of new products and ready responses are therefore the future of this partnership, what makes it a solid relationship, characterized by the common desire for continuous improvement. Especially in the field of environmental sustainability, a theme that has become increasingly important year after year, and that has guided the acquisition of very important customers for Ferroman, and the careful selection of suppliers in long-term projects. “Customers ask it for us, but also for our suppliers and sub-suppliers”.

A commitment, therefore, not only to provide innovative solutions in the sense of sustainability from a climate and energy point of view, from bioreactors to fully electrified furnaces. The adoption in Nicro of new machinery, new buildings and new solutions demonstrates the attempt to improve to keep up with customer expectations. Such as the introduction of strategies to optimize the energy needs and the level of emissions of the Vailate site, between the air conditioning with an electric heat pump, and the photovoltaic system to feed the energy needs of the buildings, and which has made it possible to significantly reduce emissions, and to reduce costs for the company and its customers.

For the realization of steel alloy products with a high nickel content in any sector, then, from heat treatment, to the pharmaceutical and chemical, to the environmental and energy saving, contact Nicro. For almost fifty years, Nicro has been manufacturing specific equipment for heat treatment furnaces, and is an indispensable partner, with a reputation for high professionalism and reliability thanks to the continuous updating of highly qualified personnel, and meticulous control of all work phases and results obtained.

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