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In a metallurgical bell furnace, the base is the first supporting component of the entire structure. The batches to be treated are placed on the base, protected by inner cover and covered by the heating/cooling bell (i.e., the hood) of the furnace. Therefore the bases must be insulated, easily accessible to remove materials after the cooling cycle, and must withstand the high temperatures (until 1100°C). For this reason, it is important that the base be made of refractory and durable materials: Nicro in particular, which supplies the complete base, plenum, bell, diffuser, and fan assembly, produces the bases in austenitic stainless steels, like AISI 3XX serie.

In addition, Nicro’s nearly 50 years of experience enables us to create furnace bases customized in size as well, for bells up to 12 meters or 4.5 meters in diameter. For your steel project, therefore, contact Nicro: our industry professionals will be able to assure you products designed to your needs, with the certainty of a quality product, and a saving in terms of time and economic convenience.

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