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Inside of a bell furnace, the diffuser is a circular support composed of a series of fins, oriented horizontally to direct the furnace gases radially. It fits directly above the base and inside the diffuser there is a fan.

Precisely because of its function, it is important, as for all the other components of a heat treatment furnace, that the diffuser is also made of refractory materials resistant to the very high temperatures reached during the heat treatment (like carburizing, carbonitriding, quenching, annealing and normalizing) in which industrial bell furnaces are typically employed. Nicro in particular makes them in austenitic stailness steels like AISI 3XX serie.

Not only that, Nicro’s nearly 50 years of experience assures to users, the realization of steel projects of any size, to be associated with bells up to 12 meters high and for 4.5 meters in diameter. In the realization of your steel projects, therefore, rely on Nicro’s knowledge and expertise: our highly specialized technical staff will always be at your side to produce quality products designed to your specific needs.

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