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Customized solutions
for any requirement

We specialize in the production of made to measure components, based on  our customer’s specific requirements. Through the choice of alternative materials we can get the best performances of use, and we can suggest possible changes to construction drawings, to improve performance and lifespan.

Prodotti Nicro

We can produce any type of equipment and components for industrial and heat treatment furnaces, for steel and aluminum plants, enameling ovens, baking of ceramic and vitreous enameling, galvanizing, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical  plants, eco-friendly systems for marine and environment.

Nicro staff qualificato

Qualified staff

A highly qualified technical-operational staff and a rationally organized structure that takes advantage of advanced technologies for the design, production and quality control.


The in-depth knowledge of raw materials, of operational techniques and of the production cycle in which the product will be used, allows us to meet any request and supply made to measure and guaranteed components.

We use a wide range of materials, from the most common steels of AISI series, as well as newly designed special alloys, featuring innovative chemical composition for better performances at high temperatures and in corrosive and oxidizing environments.

Muffles and retorts

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Bells, bases and diffusers for furnaces

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Convection Fans

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Radiant tubes

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Heat treatment equipment

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Scrubbers for marine sector

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Components for the Oil & Gas sector

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Customised components

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