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Convector plate

The convector plate is an accessory of industrial heat treatment furnaces used to position and contain materials inside the chambers, just like the basket or reel. The convector plate, in particular, is a perforated metal plate, which allows the flow of hot air to be directed to uniform the treatment. In this way, the quality of the final product will be better, and performances will be optimised.

Precisely in light of its function, the convector plate must be able to withstand cooling and heating cycles, as well as high temperatures, which in some treatment cycles can reach and exceed 1100°. For this reason, Nicro recommends to its customers the austenitic and super austenitic steels Aisi 3xx, Avesta 253MA and Nicrofer 6025HT, which are able to guarantee strength and resistance to components even at high temperatures, without compromising processes or treatment products. For this and other advice on making your own ovens and accessories for industrial heat treatment, please contact Nicro’s specialised technicians.

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