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Nicro Spa renews the commitment with the “Solidarity Package” on territory


The rising cost of living, caused by recent and increasingly intense conflicts, has increased the number of families in difficulty and aggravated the conditions of those already in need of help

To face this situation, together with our network of companies, we decided to renew our commitment to the ‘’Solidarity Package’’ project, born from collaboration during Covid-19 period between Comune di Caravaggio, Rotary Club Treviglio and Pianura Bergamasca.

New solidarity packages with food, first necessities and hygiene products, will be prepared and distributed to all families with fragilities in the care to the municipal social services.

The aim is to reduce somehow the burden of inflation and sustain the community of Caravaggio’s territory, place where the companies of our network were born: Soliveri Srl, Nicro Spa, Tav Vacuum Furnaces Spa, Tavengineering Spa, Thermocast Spa e Vacuum Spa.

The campaign is in addition to other actions recently introduced by the municipality in response to the ever-increasing social challenges.

In Nicro Spa, our commitment to society is daily, because we believe that every small action we make towards others, can make a real difference to those who are going through a difficult time.

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