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Scrubbers for marine sector

Nicro Prodotti Muffole 19

These innovative systems, equipped with catalytic filters and sea water scrubbers, are designed by a world leading Italian company, partner of NICRO.

After the introduction of severe and restrictive regulations imposed to ship owning companies using HFO (Heavy fuel oil), for limiting the polluting emissions in monitored areas (ECA), NICRO approached the marine sector.

Our specialized field is the production of cleaning systems and components, used to remove pollutants contained in the exhausted gases from diesel engines of large ships, such as cruise boats, cargos and ferries.

These systems are specifically designed to remove SOx (sulphur oxides), ensure the control on polluting emissions in water and air, and favour the reduction of sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, carbon monoxide, soot and ashes.

An outstanding technology that reduces and prevents environmental damage produced by navigation and its impact on port and coastlines.


Up to 12.5m

1750-2800 mm

254 SMO (Werkstoff 1.4547 – ASME 531254)
Saf 2205 (Duplex)
Saf 2507 (Superduplex)

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