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Muffles for heat treatment furnaces: the importance of a quality raw material and a customized product

Do you know that the muffle is one of the fundamental components in heat treatment furnaces? And do you know why it is important that it respects some essential construction characteristics?

Using its thirty years of experience, Nicro realizes these – and all the other – components required by the heat treatment sector, creating tailor-made muffles suitable for any request.

Inconel, the best nickel alloys for high quality muffles

Since – during the carburizing, hardening, brazing and annealing treatments – themuffles must be ready to undergo intense thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses, the first step is to use a raw material that can really resist these factors.

So Nicro chooses to use the best metal alloys with a content of more than 50% of nickel – Inconel – which are able to withstand oxidation processes and very high temperatures, unavoidable in the heat treatment sector.

This is one of the key points that makes the products made – just like the muffles – an example of great efficiency and guarantee; because Nicro does not limit itself to using a material suitable for the realization but carefully selects and only after an in-depth study of the variables, which is the special alloy with high nickel content perfectly suited to the sector of application in question, precisely in relation to the purposes themselves of the artifact.

Muffles for heat treatment furnaces

The customization of the muffles

The requests for ever-changing components is one of the factors around which Nicro has fueled its growth and experience, in a continuous challenge to be always concluded successfully.

Thanks to the collaboration with the major companies in the heat treatment sector and the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, Nicro can respond in the best possible way both to the creation of muffles starting from a construction design and to the creation of a totally new muffle, modifying the project original in order to adapt the product to a specific context.

The presence within the company of systems, machinery and advanced technologies allows you to always have under control the various processing phases used for the production, customization and control of the products. An important factor because it allows to monitor the realization of the muffles, intervening promptly in any case.

Another important element is the ability to build a new muffle even in the absence of an initial construction design. Thanks to reverse engineering, Nicro analyzes the functions and all the design aspects that the muffle must fulfill for its destination.

With this set of potential, today the demand for tailor-made products is not an obstacle but a double possibility: for companies, which can thus rely on someone who really knows what the goal is; and for Nicro, which will only supply a high quality product.

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