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Corporate welfare: a concrete commitment

In recent years, at Nicro we have studied the issue of corporate welfare, through investments and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of our employees, their families and the territory in which we find ourselves.

The decision to start a welfare plan stems from a real desire to share benefits with those who contribute to the success of the company every day, and not from purely economic or image-return motivations. We have developed a multi-year strategy to enhance every member of our organization and make it even more participatory.

As in 2018, this year too we approved a donation to all employees, distributed equally to each of them. This is € 3,850 each, distributed on the Welfare platform and therefore enjoyable at full value for the purchase or reimbursement of a wide variety of services.

Another initiative about attention to the welfare of employees concerns the new uniforms for all production operators, now certified and guaranteed thanks to the collaboration with a well-known company in the textile rental sector. From this spring, in fact, we have entered into a three-year agreement with Alsco, a specialized company that provides a collection, washing, repair and redelivery service for overalls.

Compared to the past, therefore, workers no longer must worry about washing workshop clothes, with a considerable saving of effort and family commitment and greater attention to the safety of the home environment, given that potentially dangerous dusts will no longer enter homes and will be managed externally.

Our company believes in the well-being of people as a fundamental element for the success of daily work, and within the network of companies of which Nicro is a part, is confirmed as an absolute reference on these issues.

In the coming months, important environmental, safety and technology investments are planned, which we will discuss in the next news.

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