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Design and production of customized components for petrochemical sector

Nicro operates in various sectors, creating customized components and using alternative materials for better performance products.

Also for petrochemical sector, Nicro manufactures tailor-made solutions and produces, in particular, flares and accessories for offshore and onshore plants.

Flares for petrochemical sector: what features should they have?

Flares are combustion systems for flammable gas used in petrochemical, chemical and oil offshore and onshore refineries, very important devices for safety plant and environment. Their main job is to burn unwanted or excess gases and avoid the emission of harmful substances into the environment.

In particular, its upper part acts as an “exhaust pipe” of petrochemical plant (but also of a refinery or an offshore plant). The flare is instead used to burn the exhaust gases generated by production process, for plant safety and for minimal impact on environment burning the gaseous substances dangerous to health and safety of people.

These systems are in contact with very high temperatures, this is the reason why Nicro produces flares and related components using a high special steel, able to withstand extreme heat conditions.

From raw material to tailor made product

Over 40 years of experience, a qualified team and the knowledge of properties of different steel alloys are the factors which lead Nicro in the creation of high performance products suitable for petrochemical sector.

The knowledge of raw materials is the key point of our production and the basis of the selection of steel alloys we make for specific sector like this one, for example.

We are speaking not only about common steels of AISI series but also of new conception special alloys with greater performance at high temperatures and resistance to extreme conditions.

As in case of flares production, where, often, a special steel is used and designed to withstand very high temperatures.

After the material selection, we focus our attention on product design, taking into consideration the final destination and also transport and installation details.

The flare project and other accessories take place starting from a design developed by our internal team according to the indications provided by the customer; any modifications of the initial design are also evaluated to obtain and improve even better performance and a longer life of the product.

Likewise, thanks to an internal team specialized in reverse engineering, there is the possibility of reproducing an existing product or creating a new one, with enhanced features.

In conclusion, Nicro works in both total and partial project of flares and all components for petrochemical sector, offshore and onshore plants.

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