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Reverse Engineering: How many advantages?

Shorter planning time and a higher quality product: Reverse Engineering is an optimal process to create perfect tailor-made products.

Nicro has a highly specialized team which follows this process, always ready to face any problem and find solutions for all request, in different sectors.

But what is “reverse engineering”? And what other advantages does it bring?

From an existing product to a customized product

The reverse engineering process consists of modifying the original construction project in order to adapt the product to a new functional context.

This means that the changes in the design phase allow both to reproduce the same existing product and to create a new one, with better features and enhanced performance according to the required use.

Reverse engineering process is certainly advantageous for many aspects, it provides a faster production logic as it starts from an existing project, but also for this reason it fits better to a partial and not a total re-design.

In Nicro, reverse engineering is applied for products and for the manufacturing of components in nickel and other steel alloys. In this way we can:

  • satisfy the different needs of customers in every sector (steel, petrochemical, chemical-pharmaceutical, food, marine, heat treatment, energy-environmental, engineering, …);
  • supply high quality metal components, to guarantee longer life;
  • create customized products.

This process defines other advantages such as:

  • improvement of product quality, thanks to enhanced or improved characteristics;
  • time and cost savings, since the re-design makes use of an existing project.

Nicro method: material research, design, control and shipment

Each sector where Nicro operates, specific materials and able to withstand various conditions are required.

This is the reason why, before each phase of Design, Manufacturing and -even before a Reverse engineering process- the knowledge of the raw material is a fundamental step.

After the Material research, the Operational phase follows; it consists in the design of the product or in the re-design and modification of an existing product, all handled by a professional team always updated.

Other step is the Control phase, during it the product is verified and analyzed again before shipment.

Another important service offered is the Shipment which Nicro has optimized in order to make the collection and transport of the products completely safe and easy, to any destination. In this way, we can define a total efficiency of the project.


Nicro Reverse Engineering

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