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Goodbye Elena Fontana, our memory

It was 1989 when Nicro, at that time a small stainless-steel carpentry for the heat treatment field, with only 10 workers and a turnover of just over 1 million €, approached the first time the international market.

Through Ferroman AB and its owner Mr. Hartmut Bohlen, a Company which is still our partner for many jobs in the North of Europe, Nicro laid the foundation to produce a fabricated muffle to deliver to Sandvik steel mill.

Facing a completely new situation for us, our need was to find a person with the skills to relate in a foreign language and in a Country different from Italy. Our choice fell on the figure of Mrs. Elena Fontana, a translator with important experiences and at the beginning of her bright business career in Bergamo area.

Starting from that distant episode, for over 30 years, the collaboration with Elena and her office have been essential for our growth. Key Figure in the relationship with foreign countries and with our Swedish partner, she was always available for meetings, business trips and coordination of events and visits, making sure that our work was done in the best way and checking every single detail.

During these years, Elena has developed important contacts and relationships with other Companies in our network, including the Soliveri heat treatment Company and the Thermocast foundry.

Last Thursday our collaborator, who immediately became an advisor and personal friend of our President Mr. Angelo Soliveri, unfortunately passed away after a long disease, which anyway did not divert her presence until the last few months in various commercial, marketing and communication relationships.

We want to remember Elena with a symbolic photo for us. During our last business trip together, Elena accompanied us with her beaming smile in the United States to meet once again one of our long-lasting customers.

Elena, thanks for your work, for your time and for your continuous loyalty!

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