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Nicro renews EN ISO 3834-2 certification

Always synonymous with the quality of welding by melting metal materials, Nicro has renewed this year the ISO 3834-2 certification, already obtained in 2017. A “must” stage, for Nicro, to continue to guarantee customers manufactured in high ultra-resistant nickel steel alloys able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities even in areas with high temperature and highly corrosive environments.

EN ISO 3834 certification is in fact a process standard, with “transversal” character, applicable to different manufactured products and sectors, that sets the “guidelines” for manufacture. The certification consists of 5 parts that differ according to the quality requirements, that vary from elementary to extensive. The latter are those taken into account in Part 2 of the legislation which has been Nicro’s choice since 2017.

The standard establishes methods to ensure that the processes used in fusion welding are performed in the most effective and appropriate manner. Manufacturers certified to the ISO 3834 standard must implement a quality assurance system throughout the entire welding process: starting with material checks on arrival at the workshop, and consider all possible factors that could undermine the quality of the final product.

In this way, Nicro is certain that the products manufactured comply with the quality requirements, and only in this way can also guarantee the customer unambiguous guidelines to assess the actual construction capacity. In addition to the guarantee of using, in their daily activities, safe products that do not endanger the welfare of their employees, and end users.

With the renewal of the certification, Nicro shows attention to the quality and guarantee of its products and its welding works. And the choice of the recognition body, the ISS CERT, was not accidental: it is a reference point, in the field of welding. Moral Entity belonging to the group Italian Institute of Welding, notified in Brussels (NB 0475) and Accredited Body ISO IEC 17021 and ISO IEC 17065, Italian Body authorized by the European Federation of Welding (EWF) and the International Institute of Welding (IIW): to certify the validity of its products, Nicro has contacted industry experts.

For your companies, from any sector, turn to Nicro: components for the Oil & Gas sector, scrubbers for the marine sector, components with a high nickel content for the iron & steel sector, just to name a few.

Collaborating with Nicro means finding a highly qualified and competent partner, able to meet the needs of customers with products and projects, tailored, durable and highly technological.

Then contact us for more information, and finally give life to your industrial project.

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