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Radiant tubes: the innovation and the advantage of the internal production

radiant tubes produced by Nicro

Time keeps ticking and each season brings its need to change, novelty and development. This happens also in Metallurgical field. For years, Nicro has continued to invest in updated solutions and improvements, in order to guarantee state of the art radiant tubes, whose demand on market is always increasing.

Used mainly in combustion plants (such as industrial furnaces), Radiant Tubes need by now to “withstand” temperatures up to approx. 1100 ° C. Furthermore, the new predispositions and rules for environment and the fight against pollution have led Nicro to produce new different types of radiant tubes, aimed at energy saving. Good for the customer and the environment.

The tubes we manufacture are “fabricated”, made in metal sheet with thickness 3 or 4 mm, the trend of customers leads now to replace the “old” version with these new, more advantageous and efficient products. The alloy materials we use such as Alloy 601, Alloy 602 CA, AISI 310, AISI 309, AISI 309S, AISI 321, show excellent performance to high temperatures.

A factor leading to success is the complete home-made manufacturing of the radiant tubes. Our Company is equipped with last generation machines so we can manage internally all the production. Starting from the raw material up to the final product, our experts and qualified workers follow the whole manufacturing cycle, without the need to rely on any external process. This is just one of the benefits, since each radiant tube can be carefully monitored throughout its production process.

Besides, we have to consider as benefit also our well-stocked warehouse with many metal sheets available and ready to be cut at any time through our 3 laser cutting systems.

Now, thanks also to the innovations introduced with the new laser machine management program of Company Libellula, we can perform the nesting and cutting of the plates in faster times, granting a better response to customer requests.

After that, our attentions and efforts to improve the quality of our tubes have been more concentrated on the pressing and bending machines. Thanks to the relationship with the University of Brescia, we have carried out a study and a characterization of the behavior of the deformation of nickel alloy sheets. With the support of a first rate company specialized in process simulation technologies, we have subsequently developed new mould for the four-way elbows required for “2P” shaped radiant tubes, one of the most requested type by our customers.

Thanks to the automated assembly and welding systems, optimal results are guaranteed in the final phase of the construction of the tubes with different shapes:

  • I shaped radiant tubes
  • U shaped radiant tubes
  • 2U shaped radiant tubes
  • M shaped radiant tubes
  • P shaped radiant tubes
  • 2P shaped radiant tubes

Another proof of the good quality of our manufactured radiant tubes is the presence in our Company of a technical department able to verify thermal and mechanical behavior of the radiant tubes through software simulations. In this way the customer can have more trust and be completely satisfied about our work .


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