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Nicro Spa supports the “Pacco Solidale” project on the local territory

Dear Customers,

We are at the end of this tough year, in which our sector has had to face a global pandemic that has seen us, and still sees us, particularly involved.

The challenge was undoubtedly one of the most difficult, but we can say that we faced it head-on, aware of what awaits us in the next year.

However, 2020 marked not only our sector, but a whole series of professional fields and sectors that, never before, have all found themselves facing a common enemy at the same time.

The companies of our network, which include Soliveri Srl, Nicro Spa, Vacuum Spa, Tav Vacuum Furnaces Spa, Tavengineering Spa, Thermocast Spa and OMR Srl, have therefore decided to donate part of their revenues to the families most in need of own territory.

To do this, we decided to take advantage of the historic relationship with the Rotary Club di Treviglio e pianura Bergamasca, by financing the “Pacco Solidale” project, which in the coming months will see the association involved in the delivery of over ten tons of food products to the municipalities of the area.

Our network has decided to collaborate in particular with the Municipality of Caravaggio, where the companies were born and have developed since 1954, to extend this subsidy to those who find themselves today in a new difficult context, facing a long period of lay-off or loss of job.

It is in moments like these that we want and must make the difference!

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