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During 2019 we at NICRO SPA wanted to involve our company in a path of improvement and technological innovation.

A commitment also testified by the obtaining of the Faber Call promoted by the Lombardy Region, which was one of the first steps for us to encourage productive investments in the technological field.

The starting point of our revolution was the consideration that, like all production companies, NICRO SPA also possessed a profound knowledge of the processes derived from the union of the basic sectoral concepts and proven experience in the field.

Thus began an evolutionary process in which we set short-term objectives such as:

  • minimize waste of production
  • optimize inventory and operating costs
  • increase production efficiency
  • speed up time to market
  • improve lead time and logistics
  • eliminate redundancies in ordinary management
  • have a detailed view of the production data

All this was possible through the implementation of a system for the optimization of business management processes and one for the coordination of laser and plasma cutting machinery.

The first investment now takes production into analysis, with an advanced time recording system and order management that is now fully integrated between budgeting, planning, purchasing, commercial and administrative areas. Our choice went to the extended Mago management system, a modular solution able to meet all our needs. We had the opportunity to touch the potential of the system firsthand thanks to the collaboration born with Select Informatica, a Turin company partner of Zucchetti.

The second system, immediately integrated with the new management system, is dedicated to the management of the four cutting machines present in the company. The software chosen as an investment was Libellula, absolute reference in the design of sheet metal cutting software.

This path has transformed NICRO SPA into a fully-fledged SMART company, oriented towards the future and prepared to face the changes planned also for an Industry 4.0 perspective.

The various departments work in synergy and take a new dynamic approach, generating a favorable environment and thus optimizing work activity.

The whole company is connected, the data and information are collected in real time and all the offices communicate with each other automatically. Useful data are collected for the creation of statistics, analyzes, budget forecasts and other reports functional to the next investment in a data analysis solution through Business Intelligence.

NICRO’s competitiveness has been increased and an effective increase in employee productivity has materialized thanks to a reduction in general stress, the simplification of internal procedures and an optimization of company processes such as work management itself.

The knowledge and professionalism of the people who work for us, therefore, are pillars on which NICRO SPA stands. Through mastery of these, we have grown and evolved to the reality that we are today.

The final result of the innovation project is therefore not only the total quality of the company but wants to become a new corporate philosophy aimed at the continuous search for renewal.

NICRO SPA is ready for the future.


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