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Beekeeping Project

In Nicro’s investment plan in the social, environmental and educational fields, here is the initiative we are carrying out for 2021.

Thanks to the invaluable support of and the Municipality of Caravaggio, in June several customized hives will be installed in the green area of the Cooperativa Sociale “Il Susino”, engaged in the employment of disadvantaged people.

The project involves the installation of the hives, the supply of bees, the maintenance of materials and their periodic control. In addition to this, we asked to create training sessions aimed at the disadvantaged people of the Cooperative and volunteers.

Our idea is to be able to support personal growth as well as work growth, with a project with a strong environmental and social impact. The honey produced by the hives will then be used for specific purposes, such as the financing of new projects of the Cooperative.

A 3-way collaboration between our company, the Cooperative and Urban Beekeeping to raise awareness of the issue of biodiversity.

Together we can create a better future!



Nicro Beekeeping Project

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