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CONVECTION FANS : from drawing to a tailor-made product

Important component of heat treatment furnaces, able to withstand very high temperatures, the convection fans made by Nicro meet high quality standards.

High levels corresponding in research and use of high quality materials, in a specialized technical department and in an internal reverse engineering process able to create any customized product.

In particular, the factor distinguishing Nicro for over 40 years is knowing the correct choice of the most suitable material for each creation, for each sector. Reason why, in the case of convection fans for heat treatment furnaces, the selection of materials includes the following:

Aisi 310 (Werkstoff 1.4845): common stainless steel with a high nickel content.

Avesta 253MA (Werkstoff 1.4835): austenitic stainless steel with cobalt and a not very high nickel content.

Incoloy 800H / HT (Werkstoff 1.4958 / 1.4959): alloy which belongs to the Inconel Group of Super alloys, but with a different chemical composition containing less than 50% nickel and with a higher ferrous content.

Alloy 617 (Werkstoff 2.4663): nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy with excellent resilience and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.

Stainless steels whose properties make them the best choice for easy processing, long-lasting resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, and no chemical reaction to heat.


The fans made by Nicro go through a series of stages and tests, before becoming the perfect product from the point of view of performance and lifespan.

  1. The convection fans are produced according to drawings or with innovative construction solutions. In fact, the Nicro technical department can carry out the construction design and collaborate with the customer to decide on any changes to obtain optimal performance from the finished product.
    Furthermore, depending on the use, the fans can be built with different thicknesses, in order to withstand the stress to which they will be subjected during operation.
    The fans are usually supplied with machined hub. On demand, the relative shaft can also be produced.
  2. During the project phase, the technical department submits the fan design to a simulation of mechanical and thermal behavior, thanks to a 3D CAD software.
  3. During construction, each fan has to overcome a test bench which verifies the static and dynamic balancing of the product.

In general, Nicro’s production of customized components concerns the most different sectors such as steel, heat treatment, chemical-pharmaceutical, energy, food and others: this allows the production of a wide range of components, each verified in order to guarantee an excellent finished product as well as an easy and with safe packaging, shipping and transport service.

Nicro Convection Fans

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