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New generation welding stations: for each type of welding

40 years of experience, 35 manual workstations, 7 different systems and many projects carried out for different sectors: these numbers are speaking,that’s why Nicro specializes in welding.

The Company, divided in two different production areas and has currently 35 manual welding stations, both TIG and MIG. Our machines park, always updated, offers a plasma welding bench, a plasma welding beam, a plasma welding manipulator, an anthropomorphic plasma welding robot, two orbital TIG welding machines and a Force TIG welding system.

The Company, certified ISO 3834-2, grants certified welding procedures with checked and verified process and methods. In our plant no-destructive tests are carried out, such as visual inspection test (VT), dye penetrant test (PT) and X-rays control (RT), directly related to the control of welding processes.

What does make this process the core of the Company’s production?

Certainly the constant update of our machines and the deep knowledge of material, add up to Nicro’s efficiency grown up from many years in this sector ; furthermore the plant predispositionable to provide different types of welding processes (with wire, electrode and by TIG) contributes to the versatility of processing on products with different design.

Plasma welding

About plasma welding technology , Nicro has:

  1. two welding beams which allow to weld up to thickness 8 mm on components with length up to 6 meters and with diameter up to 4 meters;
  2. One welding bench specialized for diameters from 1400mm up to 5000mm;
  3. one anthropomorphic welding robot which allows the welding of various shapes and thickness up to 10mm, granting furthermore constant repeatability and quality.

Talking about “plasma welding” means talking about high performance and versatility; the result is therefore a precise and punctual work , as this welding technique is quicker than other processes with the advantage to have thicknesses welded in a single pass and obtain deep welds with less distortions.

TIG Welding

In addition to the individual manual welding station, Nicro installed in 2019 a “Force Tig” welding plant: this system, exclusively managed by high specialized workers, operates with a concentrated arc welding process offering a greater penetration and high speed.It’s a significant step forward in TIG welding technique, which assures a better final result and eliminates the danger for the welder in delicate phases during the intervention inside the product.

This process type offers very resistant welds on most of alloys with moderate or low thermal conductivity, ensuring a high quality product, reduced thermal inputs and the possibility to weld thickness up to 10 mm (according to the types) in one single weld pass reaching operating speed up to 400 mm/min.

Another factor of the strength of the plant in our Company , already set up to work in Industry 4.0, is its housing structure : in fact, it was designed to work with components with big dimensions which can reach 12 meters in length and 5 meters in diameter. With this type of welding we are able to work for projects and components for steel, naval and petrochemical sectors.

About TIG welding, Nicro has also been introducing for some years the use of cutting-edge machines able to improve the production, the efficiency and increase of automation level.

We are talking about the orbital welding machines which improve the TIG welding method of circular joints. Thanks to the high technology of these systems, the process takes place in a quicker and functional way, always with the guarantee of a high- quality product.

This type of welding is used for the production of radiant tubes for the steel industry or for heat treatment companies.

From welding station to customized product

The presence of this set of machinery and equipment in a single Company, allows Nicro to have under control the whole phase of welding processand to assist to the project and take advantage of the multisectoral experience to manufacture in particular customized components according to client’s requirement and different use.

The real strength of Nicro is the ability to continuosly raise the innovation bar and thetraining for its workers, in order to properly face the new market challenges and in different sectors.

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