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Nicro gets the social ethics recognition

Recently we have gained the Social Ethics Certification (Bollino Etico Sociale), an important milestone in innovation, ethics and social responsibility.

Our choice to undertake this path is due to our will to improve more and more all activities carried out in these years pointing our attention to the Earth, the well-being of our employees and their families, for greater sustainability for Environment and also for Life.

For this reason we have adopted a method, the one of Social Ethics, which can enhance and create social innovation actions with positive impact on people and the territory.

In this way we want to include social innovation, ethics and social responsibility within the Company’s corporate business strategy.

We have chosen the Social Ethics method also to highlight our values and aims and to measure and communicate the results of our initiatives.

Please take a look at the certificate.


The Social Ethics recognition is a method which allows to enhance, where there are, and to create and develop, where there are not, social innovation actions.

By innovation we mean all activities aimed at getting better the starting situation.

According to us Social means actions with positive impact and an improvement on who acts (the entrepreneur), on who receives it (the workers) and on the territory in which the organization operates (context).

For more information, please visit the website.

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