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The construction of the new Nicro production area has begun in May 2018.

The new structure, which stands on an area of 9.000 square meters in front of the current Vailate production facility, will occupy 1.600 square meters.  The new project also includes the creation of a pickling zone for components up to 20 meters in length.

Nicro new structure - render

Inside the structure, equipped with 4 bridge cranes and a plasma welding beam, 5 teams of welders will work at the assembly and finishing of marine scrubbers, smoke filtering towers for the naval sector that recent years have become one of the core businesses of our company.

The investment is the result of a precise corporate strategy and also of the agreement signed with EcoSpray, owner of the patent and leader in the design of these components.

EcoSpray, a company owned by the Carnival group and the largest operator worldwide in the cruise ship sector, has started a strong partnership with Nicro which foresees the production for the next few years of four scrubbers per month, specific for large cruisers.

The new installation will allow the storage of material dedicated to scrubbers and will ensure a faster and more complete production process, thanks to the synergy and proximity to the main plant, inaugurated in 2013, which will continue to produce the ferrules that compose the scrubbers, to be transferred to the new assembly, welding and final pickling plant. A production line designed in anticipation of a future production of even larger towers for cargo ships.

nicro new structure - render 2

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