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Nicro: partner in global Oil & Gas projects

The history of Nicro is dotted with continuous innovations and the company’s application to new sectors, from metallurgy to naval. Now, in line with its continuous evolution, Nicro joins the Oil & Gas Alliance Consortium, contributing with expertise and specialized products (flare-tips, scrubbers and heat treatment equipment) to the construction of petrochemical plants, energy and components in the naval field.

O&G Alliance Consortium: experts in complex O&G projects

In the Oil & Gas (O&G) sector, the Consortium has already demonstrated its multidisciplinary expertise in the implementation of complex gas-treatment, offshore and skid projects. The capabilities of the partner companies in the petrochemical sector, including now also Nicro, allow the Consortium to create customized products and solutions with a one-stop-shop supply, following a constant problem-solving approach.

From the detailed design in the industrial and electrical engineering services provided respectively by Technoteam srl and Team Engineering srl, to the supply of piping packages for critical environments made at the site of Chero Piping Spa in Piacenza, the construction of skids, E&I cabinets and special equipments made in the yards of Officine Ravenna Srl (OF.Ra Srl) and DM Srl, O&G Alliance supports the Italian and international EPC from the detail design, the realization and commissioning of projects in high demanding environments.

Nicro’s contribution to the O&G Alliance Consortium

In the O&G sector, Nicro’s knowledge of high nickel steel alloys ensures a wide variety of high quality products for the Consortium’s customers. From torches and accessories for offshore and shore installations (Flare-Tip), to scrubbers for the marine industry and furnaces and equipment for heat treatment (muffles and retorts, radiant tubes, bells, bases and diffusers), Nicro submits all manufactured products and plants to chemical testing, mechanical and non-destructive (NDT test), to ensure the corrosion resistance typical of chemical processes in the petrochemical industry.

The O&G Alliance, after all, was promoted by leading Italian manufacturers, ISO certified and officially approved by most of the major offshore and energy companies in the global market, including Petrobras, Lukoil, Exxon-Mobil, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Total, Sonatrach, PDO, BP, Chevron. From today, Nicro contributes, together with the other companies of the Consortium, to ensure the best standards of quality and transparency on the petrochemical market.

In a constantly evolving industry like O&G, the presence of a reliable partner like Nicro and a network of companies like O&G Alliance is crucial, to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of high standards in procurement and global projects. To consolidate yourself as a leader in the petrochemical industry, then, get in touch with O&G Alliance by contacting Nicro or one of the partner companies, and ensure the advice and collaboration of qualified manufacturing companies of plants and components in the industry.

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