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Vacuum test in collaboration with TAVENGINEERING

For almost fifty years, Nicro has been an absolute top partner in the realization of heat treatment and vacuum furnace’s components. Thanks to the the high specialization of the design department, Nicro can intervene at any stage, from prototyping to development of the sketches in collaboration with the costumer. Nicros’s goal is to ensure the best quality products in order to maximize the performance and durability of components, also through the use of highly technological alternative materials or the reverse engineering, as a way to recreate customized parts or components.

In short, Nicro is available to respond to any need in the realization of products that meet the demand of customers in different fields: steel, chemical and petrochemical, naval, energy-environmental and heat treatment. Nicro can also respond to the needs of preventive testing.

In fact, for the first time on request of a French customer, Nicro has realized a vacuum test as a way of simulate the conditions of the furnace working almost vacuum. The request was the execution of the vacuum test through leak rate test followed by a helium test. The cut-off was 2 hours at -990 mbar and overall leakage rate less than 5E-3 mbar∙l/s.

Because the verification had never been done before in the company, Nicro did not have the necessary equipment to verify the components. To meet customer’s requirements, thanks also to the consultancy of TAVENGINEERING, the company has rented all the equipment for the execution of the test.

In the first place, it has been realized the evacuation of the system through a dry pumping unit (hydrocarbon free). Once the void requested by the test has been reached (actual 6E-3 mbar, lower than requested), the system has been isolated for 2h through isolation valves. Following the measurements made, it has been done the leak rate test of the system equal to 4,4E-3 mbar∙l/s, lower than required (5E-3 mbar∙l/s.).

This was followed by a specific test with helium and molecular gas detection probe (RGA range <1E-9mbar) in order to check the welds (each single weld have been checked to avoid the presence of materials’ cracks or permeability). This has confirmed the correct execution of the welding process and the selection of materials.

Whatever your needs and steel or heat treatment projects, please contact us. As regards the heat treatment sector, we can design and create many components from grids to fans, muffles, retorts up to bells for furnaces in different materials from stainless steel to nikel alloys, in order to allow use up to temperatures above 1200°.  All our products, in every field, are verified using the tests and trials best suited to the needs.

By requesting a consultation, our highly specialized technical staff will be at your disposal to offer you assistance without obligation so as to help you realize every industrial engineering project.

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