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Nicro: a long history of success and collaboration

Nicro’s guiding philosophy is cooperation. It is the close collaboration with customers that allows you to realize projects, even complex, tailored to your needs. And it is this synergy that still characterizes and guides the partnership with some of our historical customers.

Not only Trasmetal: there are many customers who have never left Nicro after the first collaboration, remaining, in some cases, faithful to the company and its promise of quality for almost thirty years.

Nicro: since 1996, partners for muffles and furnace components for heat treatment

One of the most important partnerships in the field of heat treatment was born in 1996 from the need to design a new type of muffles for furnaces that did not have problems of melting and alignment during assembly. A muffle, in a heat treatment furnace, is in fact a fundamental structure to isolate the products to be treated from the external environment, designed to retain heat inside the furnace and create a controlled environment where heat is reached and maintained more quickly.

This environment protects at the same time metal parts or processing materials from the direct effects of combustion, the presence of gases or other external influences. The quality of the muffles, in fact, depends not only on the durability and strength of the oven, but also on the quality of the final product processed inside.

Knowledge, customer orientation and help for every need: the key words of Nicro’s collaboration

Excellent knowledge, customer orientation and help to meet every need: this is the basis of Nicro’s partnerships in a sector, that of heat treatment, where the quality of suppliers influences that of the final product.

Excellent knowledge, because Nicro has a long experience in choosing and using the best materials for each project. Above all, in nickel alloys, including 253MA, Alloy 602CA and Alloy601, all special nickel-chrome alloys used wisely in the manufacture of industrial components and furnaces for heat treatment, thanks to their very high heat resistance, corrosion and oxidation.

But also a customer orientation, with a wide offer of services and customization choices, that looks at the needs of customization for each industrial reality, and customer values. Because the ability in welding is our strength, but it is the attention to your needs, not least those of environmental sustainability, that drives us constantly to improve, now for almost fifty years.

For your needs and special machining in nickel alloys, then, contact Nicro. You will not only find a technologically advanced partner, able to identify the best solutions for your needs in the fields of heat treatment, steel, chemical and petrochemical, energy and environmental. The high level of competence of our technicians also ensures tailor-made solutions, energy and economical saving. In addition to a fruitful collaboration that promises to continue for at least thirty years.

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