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2021 Social and economic report: the ecological and social soul of Nicro

For Nicro it is essential to invest in innovation, to ensure customers with an expert and cutting-edge collaboration for the most complex tailor-made projects.

For Nicro Avant-garde does not only mean using the latest generation machinery and guaranteeing continuously updated personnel, but also sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

Eco-sustainability and corporate social responsibility, important issues for public opinion and customers, have always been at the centre of the Company’s strategic choices. The best demonstration is the 14001: 2015 certification, issued only to companies which implement environmental protection, pollution prevention and reduction in resource consumption actions. Not only that, but for years the company has also published a social and economic report, with its investments and projects at an environmental, social and resource management level.

Read the 2021 social and economic report

These projects include the covered waste storage area in the external square of the Vailate site. The water used in washing the yards and first rain are then filtered and drained together with the processing scraps and waste, reducing the water impact on territory.

Vailate site has a longer sustainability history, in fact various strategies were implemented to reduce the level of emissions and maximize energy efficiency.

Air conditioning, for example, is mostly managed by a latest generation heat pump system. The power supply is guaranteed by electricity alone, and almost all of the electricity used comes from the photovoltaic system installed on the buildings.

The power of the panels is 200 kW, for an annual total of 360 MWh: saving over 160 tons of carbon dioxide and 68 tons of oil. Our building fronts are also covered with steel sheets and aluminium panels with a special material allowing low energy consumption, Alucobond polyethylene.

Social sustainability

Sustainability, for Nicro, is also social. The Company is guided by the cornerstones of the UN 2030 Agenda, with which we earned the Social Ethics Stamp.

Support for people and workers, the true soul of Nicro, has always been in the company’s DNA. Since 1986 Nicro has supported the “Il Susino Social Cooperative” for the employment of disadvantaged people in manual packaging and quality control. This allows them to learn specific techniques to guarantee them a working future, but it also represents an opportunity for socialization.

Nicro also supports the Enfapi Consortium, an occupational training centre in Treviglio, by activating work experiences and school-work alternation projects. Furthermore, since 2018, it has also developed ad hoc courses for young people for professional integration in Nicro.

Also in 2018, the sponsorship of Basket86 Caravaggio began, to promote sports programs for children of all ages, and to give them a space for aggregation and development in the area.

Come and discover all the activities in Nicro to improve the well-being of its territory and of collaborators , or contact us to request information.

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