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Bell furnaces : structure and advantages

Bell furnaces

The bell furnace belongs to the metallurgic furnaces family.

Their ranking is according to the structure, the metal type or the performed heat treatment ; but with a common feature: they are built with materials resistant to high temperatures.

Essential in this type of furnaces, these materials are suitable for the heat treatment type performed and an ideal solution for withstanding high temperatures for long periods, without chemical reaction for the charge to be treated, in contact with them during all the process.

For “high temperatures” we mean over 1100°, which can cause problems in case of improper choice of material .

Bell furnaces, in particular, are used to perform heat treatments such as cementation, carbonitriding, quenching, annealing and normalization process.

The structure is composed by:

– base, diffuser and plenum and fan placed between base and diffuser;
inner cover and inner jacket, the first component with the function of complete covering of the system, the second one for separating the charge area from the heated zone;
– cooling cover, which allows rapid cooling after annealing process.

…All this leads to important benefits.

The 4 benefits of the bell furnace and the advantageous experience of Nicro in this production

Herebelow the reasons to choose the bell furnace as an excellent solution:

1) Thanks to the protective atmospheres used, the treatments with these furnaces can be carried out on a wide range of materials;
2) Thanks to the heating and cooling bells, treatment times are easier;
3) Bell furnaces offer a safe and economic method of heat treatment;
4) Its structure facilitates quickly the loading of the material to be treated.

Please consider also that Nicro can supply the complete group of the structure (base, diffuser, plenum, fan, bell and jacket), manufactured inside the company.

Why should it be a plus?

Because the process, from general production to the single piece, is monitored step by step with control of coupling between the individual components of the project before their installation, in this way with times reduction for the start-up phase of the plant.

For over thirty years Nicro has been working in the construction of bells, bases and diffusers of different sizes; adapting to the request of each customer, developing solutions on demand.

For example we can produce bells with height up to 12 m or with 4.5 meters of body diameter. There is no need to adapt to pre-established formats.

Furthermore, the constant updating in the sector leads to high quality results; for example, the introduction of the new welding technology, the Force Tig, an additional efficiency in work, granting higher quality in welding phase.

Bell furnaces are therefore the result of an operation studied and followed by professionals in the sector aimed to a constant research and development.

The benefit of a production followed in every aspect, combined with the advantages offered using a bell furnace in heat treatments, leads to a common result: the certainty of a quality product and the consequent savings (time and economic convenience).

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